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In cooperation with foreign music groups we organize concert broadcasts as livstream from the home country of the musicians.

African Vocals · LIVE Stream 2021

Location: Livestream

A capella from Namibia - dedicated to all mothers of this world. Experience a live concert of the "African Vocals" on Mother's Day. With your donations you support the musicians in financing their new CD.

African Vocals 2021 · LiveStream Concert

A capella from Namibia - dedicated to all mothers of this world.

Experience a live concert of the "African Vocals" on Mother's Day from Namibia!

Your donation is for a professional ensemble that depends on your support. Join the concert via Lifestream and transfer your contribution to African Vocals to support the group's goals so they can perform live in Germany again next year.


The concert will be online on May 9, 2021: Live from Swakopmund, Namibia

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What is the project about?

The African Vocals have not had any performances for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They used this time to rehearse a new program, which will now be released on a CD. The songs are all by Namibian composer Marcellinus Swartbooi and reflect contemporary choral music based on traditional Namibian roots.

What are the goals and who is the target audience?

The band consists of 15 singers between the ages of 22 and 30. The singers discovered their passion and talent for music in school, church and youth choirs, and in 2012 the "African Vocals" were founded as a male a cappella band.
The group sees itself as ambassadors for authentic Namibian culture, music and traditions, and wants to convey a positive and hopeful image of Africa with their music full of African joie de vivre and spirituality. They sing about their love for Namibia, the beauty of nature, love and everyday life. Whether rhythmic-dynamic, soft-emotional or spiritual - each song expresses deep emotions. Wonderful voices, a little percussion and the appropriate choreography, plus the interaction of the artists with the audience, make a concert of the African Vocals unforgettable.

What happens to the money if the financing is successful?

The money raised will be used to produce a CD with the new program of the African Vocals. Part of the proceeds will be used to support a kindergarten and music school project in Swakopmund.

Who is behind the project?

The African Vocals are the main actors who will also inspire the audience via a lifestream. Regine Hink is the German manager of the African Vocals and helps with the organization on site. The film team in Namibia ensures the quality of the recordings on location.
With his agency musik - kultur - management Raimund Hegewald supports the project, because the live concerts planned in Germany can not take place this year.

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